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Right to Copy started as a printed magazine, funded on Kickstarter by 203 people from all over the world.

You can still buy the mag. It’s 56 pages, printed on newspaper so you can share it with friends and pass on the message.

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Jonathan Lethem discusses the importance of plagiarism, and his essay “The Ecstasy of Influence”.

Cory Doctorow outlines the central argument of the copyright wars, in an extract from his book “Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free”.


Artist Charles Avery speaks on his work to depict the life, times and culture of a fictional island, and what that work says about authenticity, authorship, and power.

Designer Esther Meijer talks about being copied by a large clothing brand, and how it changed her views on what originality means

Writer Whitney McGuire explores the effects of YouTube’s attempts to police copyright infringement.

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