Sponsors and supporters

Right to Copy is a community project, which wouldn’t exist without the help and support of people around the world.

203 different people funded the printed issue. Just over half of those came from the USA; a fifth from the UK.

The remaining 30% come from all over the world: including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Paraguay, and the United Arab Emirates.

If you’d like to support the project, you can donate now. Every single donation helps!

First issue sponsors

Below you’ll find the companies and individuals who supported Right to Copy, at €50 or more, in order to help put the first issue into print.

Complex challenges in society require new forms of innovation. Kennisland develops solutions to the questions arising from the transition to a knowledge-driven society.

Create your own app with Konversed. Includes in-app purchase capabilities, public and private publishing, access to your own branded channel, and more.

David Joselit is Distinguished Professor, PhD Program in Art History, The Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY).

Deliver your message with the power of Open Source. Used for sending newsletters, marketing campaigns and announcements, phpList sent 22 billion messages in 2015.

Minerva’s Wreck presents a small array of items to divert your attention from the brief plummet toward oblivion. Check it out.

When our editor isn’t editing, he works with great people like RJ and Marloes – as you can see from the photo. For sound online marketing help (in Dutch), see RJ’s website.

First issue supporters

More than 150 other people gave €10 or €20 to receive a copy of the magazine. Check them out, ordered by first name, below.

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A. Dickson | Sterling, UK

Aaron M. Jeffers | Sandy, Utah, USA

Alex Kohn | Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Alexander | Uitgeest, the Netherlands

Allison Waters | Portland, Oregon, USA

Andrew Craggs | Craven Arms, UK

Anna | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Anna Dupont | Paris, France

Antonio Roberts | Birmingham, UK

Ashley Strosnider | Lincoln, Nebraska, USA


Ben | Godalming, UK

Ben Baruch | London, UK

Benjamin Keele | Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Bianca G | Cambridge, UK

Bill Woodcock | Berkeley, California, USA

Bruce Hobbs | Alhambra, California, USA

Bruce Schaller | Providence, Rhode Island, USA


Calin Carter | Greer, South Carolina, USA

Caroline Rothstein | New York City, New York, USA

ch_ase | Brooklyn, New York, USA

Charles Parks | Culver City, California, USA

Charlotte Hylton | Basingstoke, UK

Chris Stapper | Utrecht, the Netherlands

Christian Panas | McLean, Virginia, USA

Christian Paul Schroeder | Nuremburg, Germany


Damian Gordon | Dublin, Ireland

Dan McHugh | New York City, New York, USA

Dana Wilkinson | Mountain View, California, USA

Daniel Evans | Llandudno, UK

Daniel Kruszka | Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA

Daniel L | Aachen, Germany

David Briggs | Harvey, Illinois, USA

David Grandouiller | Jamestown, Ohio, USA

David M. Koeth | Bakersfield, California, USA

Decarola | Bologna, Italy

Dirk Haun | Stuttgart, Germany

Dov Kelemer | Los Angeles, California, USA

Dr. Rachel W. Obbard | Hartland, Vermont, USA

DreamClassier | Batavia, Illinois, USA


E. Brown – Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

Ed Marshall | London, UK

Eliot Haworth | Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Elle | New Boston, Michigan, USA

Emily Clough | Fairfield, Virginia, USA

Eric Wells | San Francisco, California, USA

Erica Frank | Oakland, California, USA

Eunice Chung | Glasgow, UK


Follow My Vote | Blacksburg, Virginia, USA

Francesco Zaia | Bologna, Italy

Fred Benenson | New York City, New York, USA


George Gaspar | Sherman Oaks, California, USA

Gordhan John Rajani | Argir, the Faroe Islands

Greg and Fake | Downers Grove, Illinois, USA

Greg B. | Somerville, Massachusetts, USA


Haylee Polebaum-Freeman | Long Beach, California, USA

Headmetal Comics | O’Fallon, Illinois, USA


I. Aparici | Birmingham, UK

Ian Fouch Bugenske | Saginaw, Michigan, USA

Inês Pinto | Porto, Portugal


J. Ashley Odell | Manchester Connecticut, USA

J. B. Pichelski | Enfield, UK

Jacob Carson | Nevada City, California, USA

Jake Doran | London, UK

James Turnbull | Brooklyn, New York, USA

Jan Lindgren | Stockholm, Sweden

Jennifer M. Wegmann | Lawrence, Kansas, USA

Jim Mortleman | Cambridge, UK

Joe Brooker | London, UK

John Ngo | Berlin, Germany

Jota Erre Coto | Collado Villalba, Spain

Juan Ramírez Vera | Asunción, Paraguay


Kanako I. | Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Kevin J. “Womzilla” Maroney | Yonkers, New York, USA

Kevin MacTavish – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Kokobin | London, UK

Krystal Boehlert | Los Angeles, California, USA

Kunal Mehta | Mumbai, India

Kyle M. Smith | Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


M J G | Paris, France

Magnitude | Borlänge, Sweden

Marcus Custodio | Mukilteo, Washington, USA

Marion Schneider | Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Maris Kreizman | Brooklyn, New York, USA

Mark J. Welch | Hayward, California, USA

Matt Vaughan | London, UK

Matthew Feann | East Maitland, Australia

Matthew Key | Coober Pedy, Australia

Maximilian Westphal | Munich, Germany

Meera Nair – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Meshed Insights Ltd | Southampton, UK

Michael Claes | New York City. New York, USA

Michael Masnick | Redwood City, California, USA

Michael Szul | Shenandoah, Virginia, USA

Michal Rosenn | New York City, New York, USA

Mike Scott Thomson | Mitcham, UK

mokas01 | Grenoble, France

Molly Joyce | Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, USA

Monica J.V. Guzman | Chicago, Illinois, USA

Mr Slothy | Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Nicole McNeilly | Northern Ireland, UK

Nivair H. Gabriel | Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Oliver Rees | London, UK

Patrick Nielsen Hayden | New York City, New York, USA

Paul Pfeiffer | New York City, New York, USA

Peter J Evans | Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Peter Jacobson | Brooklyn, New York, USA

Philip Cohn-Cort | Melville, New York, USA

Philip Contos + Julie Rose Bower | London, UK


Riccardo Sartori | Milan, Italy

Riley Hooker | Brooklyn, New York, USA

Rob Goodman | Voorhees, New Jersey, USA

Rosalie Bigongiari | Seattle, Washington, USA

Rose Fortune | Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Ross J Slade | Perugia, Italy

Ross Williams | Roseville, Minnesota, USA

RT | Arlington, Virginia, USA

Rusty Shackleford | Lonmdon, UK

Ryan Kelln | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Rylander Animation | Bagarmossen, Sweden


Saliha Öztürk | Beloved mother of three

Salmaan Craig | Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Sam | Los Angeles, California, USA

Sam Gurney | Hemel Hempstead, UK

Sam Hodge | Goldsboro, North Carolina, USA

Samuel J. Bennett | Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Sarah Hutchins | Portland, Oregon, USA

Sarah-Jane Field | London, UK

Shawn Kirsxh | Bismarck, North Dakota, USA

Shelley DeVost | Sherman Oaks, California

Simon | Newport, UK

Sonja Longolius | Berlin, Germany

Steve Ballance | Traverse City, Michigan, USA

Stuart Lofthouse | Oakleigh, Australia

Suz Hinton | Brooklyn, New York, USA


thegeo | Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA

Thijs Van Quickenborne | Mariakerke, Belgium

Thomas Bøvith | Copenhagen, Denmark

Tom | Salisbury, UK

Tom Yager | Hemel Hempstead, UK

Travis Briggs | San Francisco, California, USA

Tri | St Paul, Minnesota, USA


Unwoman | Lafayette, California, USA


Weston Westenborg | Los Angeles, California, USA


Yancey Strickler | Brooklyn, New York, USA

Yoon-Kit Yong | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia